Kulturscio'k is a live  art collective

Our work is dedicated to develop new formats and forms alternatively to a system that doesn't allow anymore the research and the exploration of new forms. our art work can be seen as a video performance or as a dance performance as a theatre performance or as an art performance or even as a concert our interest is not only  to find new ways of creating  but  to stimulate the interaction of different artists and the need for a vital and dynamic art.


Our motto is

Shocking art through art

Our goal is

Burning art through art

Our mission is

To create To produce To curate art and artists



Kulturscio’k is an independent theatre company based in Italy and France.  We are dedicated to developing and producing artistic expressions (video, theatre,musical works  and other performing arts) which reflect the communities in which we live and those we pass through temporarily.  Our main concept is to blend traditional and classical work with experimental and contemporary styles and visions, working collectively with artists and people from different backgrounds with different perspectives. Kulturscio’k is committed to producing work that helps to keep alive independent art and cultural heritage around the world.  we promote collaborations and the development of new proposals, opening our vision  towards new dramaturgical works and styles. We propose original performances .We explore new forms . New dialogues, new reflections .


Our theatrical workshops, kulturlabs, host internationally renowned artists and are focused on the exploration of each participant’s talent and his or her expressivity in a group.  We have an approach that is flexible and open to different creative possibilities.


Our co-operation with people from different countries  – represents an important strength.  the company is truly international.


The company has a factory in Domicella close to  Naples, Pompei, Ercolanum  where we are creating a center for artistic exchanges and education.


Kulturscio’k was created in 2007.  in the  years since then the company has created / participated in various national and international collaborations exploring various artistic languages in the fields of theatre, dance, music, video and site specific performance. Since 2011 the company is also based in Paris where one of the artistic directors lives. in Paris we are developing lot of  project in theatre, performing arts, education, workshops .






Medea’s Visions   – collective creation directed by Alessia Ainiscalchi, art work Valerio Berruti, live photography Giovanni Ambrosio, texts Paulina Mikol, art visions Ania Martchenko, music Phil St.George, Cristina Barzi


Padrenostro  - original creation by  Ivana Messina Teatro Caos Turin, april 2018


J'ai brûlé dans tes yeux. Je brûle.  -    An interdisciplinary SITE SPECIFIC  performance created in Paris in 2015, a physical and gestural work written and freely inspired by the film Paris, Texas by Wim Wenders




Sertao – a theatrical / dance piece presented at festivals in Turin, Vignale and Piattaforma in 2009.





Ham thieves/Les voleurs de jambon original cabaret created in 2017 / a musical tribute to Federico Fellini and to cinema


Scarlet coffee : a contemporary musical presented at the prestigious Festival delle colline torinesi


Vietato ballare/interdit de danser (Dancing prohibited) : a musical show presented @ Napoli teatro festival 2014




Beyond closed doors - Festival teatri di vetro and next possibilities of development in 2019, Rome – a site-specific performance  about a person living in an  apartment, with the spectator left inside the apartment  for a while, visioning her life through a mixture of sounds, installations, poetries and suggestions


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Artists willing to stay and create, we offer the possibility to apply for a few days artists residency in our factory space in Domicella. Projects having something very urgent to explore and something very powerful, are welcome to apply for the residency; please write us at :



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